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Whisk beater (12 wire) for Kenwood KMM700 KMM750 KMM750 KM506 KM610 KM611 KM615 KM631

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Whisk assembly (12 wire) ALUMINIUM - non-bayonet hub & new circlip shaft for Kenwood:

The whisk will whip up the thickest cream and evenly mix a batter for the perfect rise.

KM005   KVL4170S
KM006   KVL4170W
KM020   KVL4180S
KM021   KVL4220S
KM040   KVL4230S
KM506   KVL6000T
KM610   KVL6010S
KM611   KVL6010T
KM615   KVL6020T
KM631   KVL6030T
KM635   KVL6040T
KM665GP2   KVL6050T
KM665MP2   KVL6100B
KM665SP2   KVL6100G
KM800   KVL6100P
KM816   KVL6100S
KM840   KVL6100T
KMM040   KVL6100Y
KMM700   KVL6120T
KMM750   KVL6140T
KMM770   KVL6170S
KMP04             KVL6300S
KMP770   KVL6320S
KMP771   KVL6324S
KVL4100S   KVL6330S
KVL4100W   KVL6350S
KVL4110S   KVL6370S
KVL4120S   KVL6410S
KVL4140S   KVL6420S
KVL4154S   PM500

NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:
0W20011009 0W20011250
0W20011020 0W20011253
0W20011023 0W20011254
0W20011039 0W20011256
0W20011040 0W20011260
0W20011041 0W20011261
0W20011044 0W20011263
0W20011049   0W20011266
0W20011050   0W20011267
0W20011051   0W20011278
0W20011052   0WKM005570
0W20011053   0WKM006542
0W20011133   0WKM007044
0W20011134   0WKM020070
0W20011143   0WKM021042
0W20011150   0WKM040005
0W20011152   0WKM040070
0W20011153   0WKM506024
0W20011159   0WKM610002
0W20011162   0WKM611004
0W20011163   0WKM615570
0W20011164   0WKM631006
0W20011170   0WKM800057
0W20011172   0WKM816570
0W20011173   0WKM840009
0W20011178   0WKMM04001
0W20011180   0WKMM04007
0W20011181   0WKMM04008
0W20011182   0WKMM04070
0W20011195   0WKMM70058
0W20011201   0WKMM75054
0W20011202   0WKMM77002
0W20011204   0WKMM77004
0W20011206   0WKMM77005
0W20011207   0WKMM77006
0W20011208   0WKMM77007
0W20011209   0WKMM77009
0W20011213   0WKMM77010
0W20011219   0WKMM77012
0W20011221   0WKMM77022
0W20011228   0WKMM77023
0W20011229   0WKMM77026
0W20011232   0WKMM77049
0W20011235   0WKMM77063
0W20011236   0WKMP77071
0W20011241   0WKMP77106
0W20011246   0WPM400501
0W20011247   KM635-NOSAP
0W20011248   KMP04-NOSAP
0W20011249   RW20011159
Part No: KW712208

Replacement list: 

KW434809            WHISK ASSEMBLY (9-WIRE) - ALUMINIUM - non-bayonet hub & old circlip shaft
KW711979 WHISK ASSEMBLY (9-WIRE) - ALUMINIUM - bayonet hub & non-circlip