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Every audio device during time suffers from physical wear or some human error or even an accident. As a result the audio device can become difficult to use or cannot be used at all. It could be a plastic knob, a cable, a fuse, a potentiometer, an external power supply etc.

artaudioparts about us

Our goal is to make life easier for the audio device user, by gathering here many spare parts from various manufacturers and devices, and providing information that anyone could use without special knowledge.

Art Audio Parts established in 2004 in Preveza Greece.

However our engagement with the audio and music industry begins in 1996. We know the audio equipment in every possible situation it may encounter.  As a user in home, in studio, in concerts, in PA applications, in nightclubs and in the electronics lab.

We have seen it brand new, performing in glorious moments. We have seen it full of dust, rust, crashed, misused, cracking in pieces and burning! We want every audio equipment to perform at its best.

That’s our passion!

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