Remote Control RM-ED035 for Sony KDL-60EX700 KDL-60EX703 KDL-60EX705 KDL-32EX403 - ArtAudioParts

Remote Control RM-ED035 for Sony KDL-60EX700 KDL-60EX703 KDL-60EX705 KDL-32EX403

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Remote Control RM-ED035 for Sony LCD Television:

(also replaces the RM-ED022 remote)

KDL-32EX403 KDL-40EX715
KDL-32EX500 KDL-40EX716
KDL-32EX501 KDL-40EX717
KDL-32EX503 KDL-40EX718
KDL-32EX504 KDL-40EX719
KDL-32EX505 KDL-40HX700
KDL-32EX508 KDL-40HX701
KDL-32EX603 KDL-40HX703
KDL-32EX605 KDL-40HX705
KDL-32EX700 KDL-40NX503
KDL-32EX701 KDL-46EX403
KDL-32EX703 KDL-46EX500
KDL-32EX705 KDL-46EX501
KDL-32EX706 KDL-46EX503
KDL-32EX707 KDL-46EX505
KDL-32EX709 KDL-46EX700
KDL-32EX710 KDL-46EX701
KDL-32EX711 KDL-46EX703
KDL-32EX713 KDL-46EX705
KDL-32EX715 KDL-46EX706
KDL-32EX716 KDL-46EX707
KDL-32EX717 KDL-46EX708
KDL-32EX719 KDL-46EX709
KDL-32NX503 KDL-46EX710
KDL-37EX403 KDL-46EX711
KDL-37EX500 KDL-46EX713
KDL-37EX503 KDL-46EX715
KDL-37EX504 KDL-46EX716
KDL-37EX505 KDL-46EX717
KDL-40EX403 KDL-46EX718
KDL-40EX500 KDL-46EX719
KDL-40EX501 KDL-46HX700
KDL-40EX503 KDL-46HX703
KDL-40EX505 KDL-46HX705
KDL-40EX508 KDL-52EX700
KDL-40EX603 KDL-52EX703
KDL-40EX605 KDL-52EX705
KDL-40EX700 KDL-55EX500
KDL-40EX701 KDL-55EX503
KDL-40EX703 KDL-55EX505
KDL-40EX705 KDL-55EX710
KDL-40EX706 KDL-55EX711
KDL-40EX707 KDL-55EX713
KDL-40EX708 KDL-55EX715
KDL-40EX709 KDL-60EX700
KDL-40EX710 KDL-60EX703
KDL-40EX711 KDL-60EX705

Part No: 148770012 (replaces the old part no 148782811, RM-ED022)