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Mixer bowl 500ml for Braun blender Multiquick 1 Multimix control plus

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Mixer bowl 500ml for Braun blender:

CA4, 5, HC4, 5, M
Multiquick 1, Minipimer 1, Multiquick, Minipimer
Multiquick control plus vario, Minipimer control plus vario
Multiquick control plus, Minipimer control plus

NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:

0X64179703   0X64189704
0X64179704   0X64189706
0X64179720   0X64189707
0X64179724   0X64189711
0X64179728   0X64189712
0X64179739   0X64189714
0X64179741   0X64189715
0X64179765   0X64189716
0X64179766   0X64189719
0X64179771   0X64189720
0X64185704   0X64189722
0X64185705   0X64189723
0X64185709   0X64189724
0X64185722   0X64189725
0X64185723   0X64189726
0X64185725   0X64189727
0X64185726   0X64189728
0X64185727   0X64189729
0X64185728   0X64189730
0X64185736   0X64189731
0X64185737   0X64189732
0X64185766   0X64189733
0X64185767   0X64189777
0X64185771   0X64189791
0X64185777   0X64189793
0X64185778   0X64189794
0X64185781   0X64189795
0X64185789   0X64642717
0X64185795   0X64642719
0X64185798   0X64642720
0X64185799   0X64642722
0X64187702   0X64642723
0X64187703   0X64642724
0X64187707   0X64642725
0X64187708   0X64642726
0X64187711   0X64642728
0X64187715   0X64642729
0X64187716   0X64642730
0X64187718   0X64642755
0X64187720   0X64642760
0X64187725   0X64642761
0X64187726   0X64642762
0X64187727   0X64642770
0X64187729   0X64642772
0X64187798   0X64642773
0X64187799   0X64642774
0X64188701   0X64642776
0X64188715   0X64642777
0X64189702   0X64642780
0X64189703   0X64642791

Part no: BR64188634