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High temperature Spatula for KENWOOD DSM5 DSM7 KM068 KM080 KM082 KM084 KM085

High temperature Spatula for KENWOOD DSM5 DSM7 KM068 KM080 KM082 KM084 KM085

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High temperature Spatula for KENWOOD:

3210 K 1000
3210 K 1200   KM357
3210 K 850   KMC010
3210 K 850    KMC013
3210 K 950   KMM020
3210 K2000 MN    KMM023
3210 UK 1000    KMM040 
3210-K3000   KMM770
DSM5                KMX93 
DSM7    KMX95 
KM068   KMX97 
KM080   KMX98
KM082   KMX99 
KM084   KVC5001B
KM085   KVC5001G
KM086   KVC5001P
KM089   KVC5001Y
KM241   KVL6000T
KM289   MX320 
KM336    MX321 
KM353   MX322 
KM355   MX324 
NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:
0W20011129   0WKM289002   0WKMM04070    
0W20011130   0WKM336001   0WKMM77049   0X63210701
0W20011131   0WKM336003   0WKMX93001   0X63210707
0W20011133   0WKM336005   0WKMX93002   0X63210709
0WKM005043   0WKM336007   0WKMX93007   0X63210710
0WKM007044   0WKM336008   0WKMX95001   0X63210713
0WKM070014   0WKM336009   0WKMX95002   0X63210714
0WKM080001       0WKM336011       0WKMX97001        0X63210720
0WKM080003   0WKM353001   0WKMX97002   0X63210730
0WKM080005   0WKM353002   0WKMX97004   0X63210740
0WKM080006   0WKM355001   0WKMX98001   0X63210772
0WKM080007   0WKM355002   0WKMX98002   0X63210773
0WKM080008   0WKM357001   0WKMX98004   0X63210776
0WKM080010   0WKM357002   0WKMX98006   0X63210777
0WKM080011   0WKMC01007   0WKMX98007   0X63210778
0WKM080012   0WKMC01015   0WKMX99001   0X63210781
0WKM080013   0WKMC01070   0WKMX99002   0X63210783
0WKM080014   0WKMC01315   0WKMX99004   0X63210785
0WKM080015   0WKMM02007   0WKMX99006   0X63210787
0WKM080016   0WKMM02011   0WKMX99007   0X63210790
0WKM080017   0WKMM02015   0WMX320005   0X63210792
0WKM080018   0WKMM02315   0WMX321005   0X63210793
0WKM085002   0WKMM04001   0WMX322005   0X63210794
0WKM086002   0WKMM04007   0WMX324005   0X63210795
0WKM241002   0WKMM04008   0X63210700   KM089

Part No: AW20010012 (KW712875)