Flexible Beater whisk AT501 for Kenwood KM230 KM250 KM334 KM336 KM353 KM355 KM357 KMC560 - ArtAudioParts

Flexible Beater whisk AT501 for Kenwood KM230 KM250 KM334 KM336 KM353 KM355 KM357 KMC560

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Flexi Beater assembly for Kenwood:

A900MAJOR   KVC3100S
KM010   KVC5000B
KM230   KVC5000G
KM250   KVC5000P
KM334   KVC5000T
KM336   KVC5000Y
KM336    KVC5010T
KM353   KVC5030T
KM355   KVC5040T
KM357   KVC5050T
KMC010   KVC5100S
KMC014    KVC5100T
KMC015   KVC5300S
KMC015    KVC5319S
KMC030                       KVC5320S
KMC560   KVC5350S
KMC570   KVC5401S
KMC570    KVC7300S
KMC572    KVC7320S
KMC577   KVC7350S
KMC577    KVC7411S
KMP03   PM500

NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:

0W20011018   0WKM353006
0W20011036                     0WKM353007
0W20011037   0WKM355001
0W20011038   0WKM355002
0W20011048   0WKM355004
0W20011057   0WKM355005
0W20011090   0WKM355006
0W20011108   0WKM355007
0W20011109   0WKM357001
0W20011110   0WKM357002
0W20011111   0WKM357004
0W20011126   0WKM357005
0W20011149   0WKM357006
0W20011151   0WKM357007
0W20011155   0WKM357008
0W20011156   0WKMC01007
0W20011160   0WKMC01021
0W20011161   0WKMC01070
0W20011168   0WKMC01501
0W20011174   0WKMC01502
0W20011175   0WKMC01503
0W20011183   0WKMC01505
0W20011186   0WKMC01507
0W20011188   0WKMC03001
0W20011199   0WKMC03009
0W20011203   0WKMC03070
0W20011214   0WKMC560019
0W20011216   0WKMC57002
0W20011222   0WKMC57006
0W20011227   0WKMC57007
0W20011230   0WKMC57008
0W20011233   0WKMC57009
0W20011237   0WKMC57011
0W20011258   0WKMC57012
0W20011259   0WKMC57022
0WKM010002   0WKMC57023
0WKM334002   0WKMC57027
0WKM336001   0WKMC57028
0WKM336002   0WKMC57202
0WKM336003   0WKMC57701
0WKM336005   0WKMC57702
0WKM336007   0WKMC57703
0WKM336008   0WKMC57706
0WKM336009   0WPM400501
0WKM336011   A701A-NOSAP
0WKM336012   A900-MAJOR-NOSAP
0WKM353001   KM230-NOSAP
0WKM353002   KM250-NOSAP
0WKM353004   KMP03-NOSAP
Part No: AWAT501001 (replacements: KW710274, KW714258, KW712223, KW712263, AW44001001)