Disc Carrier shaft for Braun KM3050

Disc Carrier shaft for Braun KM3050

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Disc Carrier for Braun:

  • Multiquick7Multisystem
  • Multiquick7K3000
  • Tribute Collection Kitchenmachine KM3050

NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:

0X22011005 0X63210770
0X22011006   0X63210771
0X22011014   0X63210772
0X63210700   0X63210773
0X63210701   0X63210774
0X63210702   0X63210775
0X63210703   0X63210776
0X63210706   0X63210777
0X63210708   0X63210778
0X63210709   0X63210779
0X63210710   0X63210789
0X63210711   0X63210790
0X63210713   0X63210791
0X63210714   0X63210792
0X63210715   0X63210793
0X63210716   0X63210794
0X63210718   0X63210795
0X63210720   0X63210796
0X63210721   0X63210797
0X63210728   0X63210798
0X63210754   0X81317727
0X63210767   0X81357878
0X63210769   0X81377764
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