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Bar Adaptor for Kenwood KCC9040S KCC9060S KMX50 KMX51 KMX52 KMX53 KMX750BK

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Bar Adaptor for Kenwood Twist kitchen machines: 

KCC9060S   KMX80
KMX50   KMX81
KMX50P   KMX82
KMX51   KMX83
KMX52   KMX84
KMX53   KMX93
KMX54   KMX95
KMX55   KMX97
KMX56   KMX98
KMX57   KMX99
KMX58   KVC5001B
KMX59   KVC5001G
KMX60   KVC5001P
KMX61   KVC5001Y
KMX64                 KVL4100S
KMX750BK   KVL4100W
KMX750CR   KVL4120S
KMX750RD   KVL4154S
KMX750WH   KVL4170W
KMX754BK   KVL6000T
KMX754CR   KVL8300S
KMX754RD   KVL8470S
NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:
0W20011129   0WKMX93004
0W20011130   0WKMX93005
0W20011131   0WKMX93006
0W20011133   0WKMX93007
0W20011136   0WKMX95001
0W20011137   0WKMX95002
0W20011138   0WKMX95005
0W20011139   0WKMX95006
0W20011140   0WKMX97001
0W20011141   0WKMX97002
0W20011142   0WKMX97004
0W20011147   0WKMX97005
0W20011148   0WKMX97006
0W20011154   0WKMX98001
0W20011157   0WKMX98002
0W20011158   0WKMX98004
0W20011164   0WKMX98005
0W20011172   0WKMX98006
0W20011192                 0WKMX98007
0W20011193   0WKMX98008
0W20011194   0WKMX99001
0W20011196   0WKMX99002
0W20011202   0WKMX99004
0W20011215   0WKMX99005
0W20011219   0WKMX99006
0W20011224   0WKMX99007
0W20011225   KCC9040S
0W20011226   KCC9060S
0W20011235   kMix
0W20011241   KMX50
0W20011242   KMX50P
0W20011243   KMX52
0W20011244   KMX53
0W20011245   KMX54
0W20011250   KMX55
0W20011253   KMX56
0W20011256   KMX57
0W20011263   KMX58
0W20011264   KMX59
0W20011265   KMX60
0W20011266   KMX61
0W20011267   KMX64
0W20011268   KMX750BK
0W20011269   KMX750CR
0WKMX50002   KMX750RD
0WKMX50014   KMX750WH
0WKMX50P06   KMX754BK
0WKMX51002   KMX754CR
0WKMX52002   KMX754RD
0WKMX53004   KMX754WH
0WKMX54002   KMX80
0WKMX54011   KMX81
0WKMX55002   KMX82
0WKMX56004   KMX83
0WKMX57004   KMX84
0WKMX58001   KMX93
0WKMX59001   KMX95
0WKMX60002   KMX97
0WKMX61002   KMX98
0WKMX61006   KMX99
0WKMX64002   KVC5001B
0WKMX80002   KVC5001G
0WKMX80004   KVC5001P
0WKMX81002   KVC5001Y
0WKMX81004   KVL4100S
0WKMX82002   KVL4100W
0WKMX82004   KVL4120S
0WKMX83002   KVL4154S
0WKMX84001   KVL4170W
0WKMX84002   KVL6000T
0WKMX84004   KVL8300S
0WKMX93001   KVL8470S
Part No: AW20011007 (KAT002ME)

This KAT002ME adaptor enables you to fit Bar Connection System attachments to a Kitchen Machine (KVC/KVL) featuring the Twist Connection System