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Χτυπητήρι με γιακά για kenwood DHB717 DHB718 DHB721 DHB723 DHB726 HB714

SKU: KW712963
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Whisk assembly complete with collar for kenwood Hand Blender:

DHB717 HBM711
DHB718   HDP302
DHB721-RN   HDP304
DHB723   HDP306
DHB726-RN   HDP308
HB714   HDP400
HB714M   HDP401
HB718   HDP402
HB721   HDP404
HB722   HDP405
HB723   HDP406
HB724   HDP408
NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:
0W22110001 0WHB714008
0W22110002   0WHB714M05
0W22110003   0WHB714M06
0W22110006   0WHB717006
0W22110011   0WHB718006
0W22110015   0WHB718007
0W22110019   0WHB718008
0W22111003   0WHB721001
0W22111004   0WHB721006
0W22111005   0WHB722001
0W22111007   0WHB723001
0W22111009   0WHB723002
0W22111011   0WHB723006
0W22111013   0WHB723011
0W22111014   0WHB724001
0W22111015   0WHB724002
0W22111016   0WHB724011
0W22111017   0WHB724012
0W22111043   0WHB724015
0W22111046   0WHB724057
0WHB714001   0WHB726006
0WHB714002   0WHBM71102
Part No: KW712963