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Δίσκος Rasping για Kenwood DFP950 FP250 FP260 FP270 FP479 FP480 FP481 FP486 FP487

SKU: KW666531
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Rasping disc for Kenwood food processor: 

FP250   FP636
FP260   FP680
FP270   FP690
FP479   FP691
FP480   FP693
FP481   FP696
FP486   FP698
FP487   FP720
FP506   FP723
FP510   FP730
FP511   FP731
FP512   FP732
FP520   FP733
FP523   FP734
FP530               FP735
FP533   FP736
FP540   FP880
FP543   FP883
FP580   FP886
FP581   FP905
FP582   FP910
FP583   FP911
FP586   FP912
FP591   FP920
FP593   FP921
FP610   FP925
FP615   FP931
FP620   FP932
FP626   FP940
FP630   FP950
NOTE: to verify compatibility please also check your model's code, to be one of the following list:
0WFP250002 0WFP691010
0WFP250009 0WFP693002
0WFP260001 0WFP696001
0WFP270001 0WFP696002
0WFP270002 0WFP698002
0WFP479002   0WFP720001
0WFP480002   0WFP723005
0WFP481002   0WFP730001
0WFP486001   0WFP731001
0WFP487001   0WFP732001
0WFP506002   0WFP733002
0WFP510002   0WFP734002
0WFP511002   0WFP734011
0WFP512002   0WFP735002
0WFP520002   0WFP735005
0WFP523002   0WFP735010
0WFP530002   0WFP736001
0WFP533002   0WFP880002
0WFP540002   0WFP883002
0WFP543002   0WFP886002
0WFP580002   0WFP905002
0WFP581001   0WFP910005
0WFP582001   0WFP911002
0WFP583001   0WFP912002
0WFP586002   0WFP920002
0WFP591002   0WFP920005
0WFP593002   0WFP921001
0WFP610002   0WFP925002
0WFP615002   0WFP931009
0WFP620001   0WFP932002
0WFP626002   0WFP940002
0WFP630002   0WFP950002
0WFP636002   0WFP950005
0WFP690002   0WFP950013
Part No: KW666531 (replacements KW706850)